Early Intervention Jobs

EBS has full-time, part-time, and PRN opportunities available with our birth-three-year-old program. Our Early Intervention programs are individualized, focusing on health, educational, and therapeutic services designed to improve outcomes for children with disabilities or delays. We specialize in the new skills that babies typically develop during the first years of life, such as physical, cognitive, communication, social/emotional, and self-help.

We are currently interviewing in your local area and nationwide for the following positions:

  • Early Intervention Speech-Language Pathologist

    As one of our certified speech-language pathologists, you will provide services that focus on the development of functional communication which includes the use of intention, pragmatics, sound production, comprehension, and oral-motor development. Our goal is to increase communication skills for children, including the multicultural and bilingual population, with language delays, hearing loss, and difficulty producing speech sounds.

  • Early Intervention Occupational Therapist

    As an EBS certified occupational therapist, you will develop goals, design therapeutic programs, and select activities to meet the developmental interests and needs of each child. You will work directly with children and their families in order to develop practical skills for activities of daily living with the purpose of fostering the child’s independence in their home environment. These skills include fine motor such as appropriate play and interaction, motor, sensory, and learning skills.

  • Early Intervention Physical Therapist

    Our physical therapists are specialists trained to provide treatment to maintain and restore maximum movement and function to the children they serve. As a member of our physical therapy team, your focus is to enhance the child’s balance and movement and overall gross motor skills while collaborating with other core EBS physical therapists, families, and caregivers.

  • Early Intervention Special Instructor and Developmental Therapist

    EBS special instructors and developmental therapists will aid families in the designing of environments and activities that promote the child’s cognitive, social, and general development. You will participate in instructional design aimed at meeting the goals laid out in the child’s IFSP and provide families with information, skills, and support related to enhancing the skill development of the child. Our special instructors and developmental therapists help families incorporate therapeutic strategies into the family’s everyday routines while identifying and guiding the family through the next steps of supporting the child’s development.

“Early Intervention is such a meaningful time in a child’s life to make a positive impact. EBS’s support from professionals who have experience in the field is such a relief, and allows me to focus on the children.”Early Intervention Provider
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