Telepractice for Parents

We provide a solution that allows students to continue to receive essential services through telepractice such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and behavioral and mental health services. With telepractice, students receive services from a licensed professional at home through a secure video conferencing platform.

  • Live Video Conferencing

    Telepractice allows students to directly interact with a dedicated and certified professional using live video conferencing at schools or at home.

  • Specially Trained Therapists

    Our therapists have received specialized training from EBS to become teletherapists who engage and motivate students through interactive telepractice services.

About Telepractice

The use of live video conferencing to deliver therapy services is not new. In fact, since the late 1990s, schools and clinics have used telepractice to provide tens of thousands of therapy sessions across the United States.

Telepractice is an evidence-based service delivery model. Research indicates that it is an effective and engaging method of providing specialized instructional services, and students love it! An overwhelming amount of research over the last 20+ years has shown telepractice to be as effective as face-to-face services, with high satisfaction ratings from parents, students, and therapists. There is no compromise in the quality of the therapist or services.

During teletherapy sessions, the student and therapist can see, hear, and interact with one another in real time, using a secure webcam and headsets, in a live online shared learning environment. If you’ve ever used Skype on your computer or FaceTime on your iPhone, you’ve used a similar type of technology. What should you and your child expect? The same high-quality services that the student would receive on-site!

About EBS Telepractice

EBS partners with schools throughout the United States to provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and behavioral and mental health services. Your child's therapist may even be the same person your child regularly sees in school. Our professionals receive specialized training from EBS to become highly qualified teletherapists who engage and motivate students using evidence-based best practices.


To participate in therapy you will need the following:

  1. A computer with a web camera and microphone. You can also use a tablet (ex., iPad) or cellular phone.
  2. An internet connection. Please note: if you are using a cellular connection, please make sure you have adequate data to avoid significant charges.
  3. Software - EBS Telepractice uses two conferencing technologies to connect to families:
    • Google Meet - Requires the use of the Chrome web browser. Available for all operating systems.
    • Zoom - Automatically downloads a small web plugin the first time you access the service. Works on all operating systems.

How You Can Help

Parent assistance can be an invaluable resource in improving the effectiveness of teletherapy efforts. The following videos will give you a quick guide to how you can support you child.

Facilitating OT and PT

Parent Resources

The following resources may be helpful to prepare and participate in telepractice:

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