About EBS (Educational Based Services)

A forward looking company that never loses sight of its history.

EBS was founded by special education professionals and therapists more than 30 years ago. Our concept was simple: empower therapists and educators to become the best in their fields with the latest innovations in research, training, and treatment.

A great deal has changed in the last 30 years, but EBS has remained true to its educational roots. Today, EBS is one of the rare therapy and special education organizations still independently owned and operated by therapists and educators. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to understand what schools need to improve student outcomes:

  • The Best Clinicians and Teachers

    EBS has a proven track record of finding the best minds in the educational and therapeutic fields, and providing them with the right training, opportunities, tools, knowledge, and professional development so they can continually inspire and motivate students--no matter their disability. Read More

  • Innovative Cost-Savings Solutions

    Now more than ever, districts are under pressure to continually improve student outcomes, despite shrinking budgets. EBS has worked with districts big and small, helping to maximize budgets and ensure compliance while increasing student outcomes. Read More

  • Tools, Resources, and Ongoing Training

    EBS provides all district partners with access to ongoing training, tools to maximize therapy, resources, research, and more that empowers your staff to work to its fullest potential. Read More

  • Comprehensive Data Collection Strategies

    Our customized performance reporting and management tools mean you’ll have visibility to student progress--and peace of mind in knowing your district remains compliant. Read More

  • A Partner Committed to Advancement

    Through our research division, EBS Children’s Institute, we conduct ongoing research that advances the field. Districts can count on evidence-based interventions that are on the cutting edge. Read More