Teaching schools how to change.

School districts face many unique challenges that can be addressed with solid evidence-based research. But putting that research into practice is never as easy as it sounds. Contextual Differentiated Coaching, or CDC for short, is customized approach driven by cutting edge Implementation Science that analyzes your school’s strengths, deficits, culture and climate to ensure long-lasting results.

Our interdisciplinary team of education specialists will use a multitude of expert lenses to examine context-specific data. We’ll then develop data-driven, evidence based recommendations tailored to your school and/or district’s unique needs, as well as the receptiveness of stakeholders. Our team will also work closely with your district to monitor progress and adjust your plan as necessary in order to achieve desired results.

Our Services Include:

  • Building District and Organizational Capacity
  • Workload Analysis
  • Problem-Solving Systems and Staffing Structures
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Improving Staff Retention
  • Program Development
  • Systems Review and Program Audits
  • Compliance Monitoring and Audits
  • Crisis Management and Prevention
  • Cost Controlling Oversight
  • Customized Trainings
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"EBS has recommended new systems and programs, which have saved our district hundreds of thousands of dollars per year."Karen, Administrator