Pennsylvania: Better Outcomes Through Evidence Based Process Improvement.

A Southeastern Pennsylvania school district spanning multiple townships worked with a company for many years that failed to recognize looming problems. When a review of the district’s performance, processes and specialized services exposed weaknesses in training delivery, staffing, and continuing education, the district partnered with EBS for help.

After taking over specialized services, EBS analyzed the districts strengths and deficits in order to develop data-driven recommendations tailored to the district’s unique needs. Today, EBS provides direct services, therapy materials, customized training, and continuing education in schools throughout the district as it continues to monitor and adjust processes for sustainable results.

"Our staff is getting the resources they need! Retention has gone up, morale has improved. Thank you EBS for your continued partnership." -- Monica, Special Ed Supervisor

Through this partnership EBS was able to:

  • Increase service and process quality while substantially lowering expenditures over the first year of the contract.  
  • Provide a team of full-time supervisors dedicated to the district to ensure quality services and accountability.
  • Increase the reliability and quality of services.
  • Help teachers and therapists maintain compliance with CEU requirements.