New Jersey: Empowering a District for Positive Change.

A large school district in New Jersey faced many challenges and it became clear that something needed to change. After working with another company for more than a decade, the district reached out to EBS for a new perspective and fresh ideas.

EBS took over therapy services and it wasn’t long before the district’s Director of Special Education saw the difference EBS was making.

“We became a little too comfortable with how things were running. After experiencing some bumps in the road that turned out to be red flags, we took a step back for a different perspective on things. That’s when we realized that “business as usual” wasn’t going to cut it anymore. EBS helped us step out of our comfort zone to ultimately become more effective administrators and special educators. The beneficiaries are the children with whom we work every day. ” - Director

To address the district’s challenges, EBS developed and implemented a mentorship program and provided training and support for the entire special education community in the district. Further analysis revealed the need to facilitate closer partnerships between teachers and therapists, and EBS tackled the issue with a series of customized workshops that increased collaboration and efficiency. The district also had a backlog of students who needed Augmentative and Alternative Communication evaluations. EBS brought in extra staff to help the district conduct evaluations and equip children with devices, so kid no longer had to wait.

Through this partnership EBS was able to:

  • Make positive change and increase efficiencies throughout the district.
  • Increase cooperation and collaboration amongst teachers and therapists.
  • Evaluate and provide students with AAC devices in a more timely fashion.